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Saturday, August 12, 2006

alright i'm done only posting when i'm depressed. i need to start posting more when i'm happy... like right now
I'm watching charlie and the chocolate factory on HBO, ryan is at the gay bar with friends, and chatting. it's entertaining actually.
i don't know if we are keeping gherkin yet, she would be nice to have but then again nice to only have the pets we have now. I'm glad that ryan and i aren't those type of parents that just let there pets wonder around the house with out vaccines, being feed, played with, or anti-social. i love that when new people come over the dog is very curious about who they are and angel thinks they are there for her. - i love my pets, they are my kids and the reason why i come home most days.
Ferrito suave is back from the hospital and he's doing much better. he's eating his canivor care food and taking his meds like a trouper


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