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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Last night of pottery class.
it was kind of nice and kind of sad. nice because i don't have to deal with the gossip and the bitching. sad because there is a lot of people there that i like a lot. i got a few email addresses and phone numbers (i never randomly call people and the phone and say HELLO talk to me, but oh well) and a lot of see ya laters. (which also is not really going to happen) I will miss being there at night so that i can get away and interact with other people, but that is what school will be for soon. the VERY upsetting and typical part of the evening was that i made 10 mugs and only 3 survived. there was a small wheel problem (at the end of the night, after i had already trimmed and made handles for) and now i only have 3 mugs. FUCK i said to myself. it's a good thing i'm not extremely emotional about my peices. They took about 31/2 hours to make and i only ended up with 3. i was pissed but kept my cool.

In other news.
I started physical theropy today on my back. it was kind of silly and the lady really just said keep going to yoga, and here do these exercises. hopefully it wont cost too much after my insurance is done with it.

Also i don't know if i will really be going on vacation. ryan is being difficult and i'm to the point now where i just want to say 'here you plan the vacation to your dad's or where ever i don't care!!!' i really just need a vacation even if it's with my mom the wendover or something stupid.

i think i'm going to head to bed now. maybe stay up and watch some tv or something.


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