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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Today i got up and got my hair cut/died * - then to the dentist (no cavities) ** - called massive amounts of nasty car salesman *** - lunch with bobbi **** - to pottery ***** and now i'm home. it was an exremely busy day and well i'm tired and don't want to watch what ryan has on the tv.
I put my contact in my eye and now i like my eye ball is scratched. it really hurts to open and close my eye and well i'm really thinking about going to the doctor.

PS I like foot notes. i was reading some of my old bloggs ang i always had them. they are interesting and annoying. i love 'em

* The guy that dies my hair is this strange older guy that also does my mom's hair. he's entertaining in his own weird sick little way.
**Normally i hate the dentist, but teeth cleaning is easy and there's no worries.
***Ryan is buying a new used car - convertable. manual. and under's the middle of winter and there is hardly any places that have them. I HATE USED CAR SALESMAN!!!!
**** i got home and realized that bobbi has probably had one of the worst days at the vets. so we go to lunch and she can vent about all of her problems. it was nice bobbi felt like she could go back to work and well i had a good time.
***** I had a bunch of peices that i hated so i put them in the redo bag and will start over. but i DID get to flirt and that is always fun


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