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really things are funny

Monday, January 30, 2006

today i got home and gave the cats thier rabies vaccines. 20 minutes later he started throwing up and meowing. i start to worry and call work. they say if it gets worse come in. so it gets worse and i get him in the carrier and go to back to work. diane injects him with dexamethosone and he finally, after 10 minutes, stops meowing. i take him back home and get back to cleaning the house and making dinner. ryan comes home we eat dinner, he takes a nap and i get back to cleaning the house again. I plug in the vaccum and a curcit braker blows i go outside and fix it. the whole time Mr NA keeps saying i'll do it, then never does. he keeps trying to do things but doesn't realize that i don't want thank you's or i'll do that... i want i love you's. what a dick.
now the house is clean and i can't wait to go to bed just to get out of this hell hole.


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