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Thursday, December 08, 2005

A wild dog chase.
It's my only day off, today is, and i really wanted to sleep in but at 7:15 this morning i wake awoken by a dog outside howling. i think "it will go away" so i try to fall back asleep, but it just keeps howling. Finally at about 7:45 i throw my robe on over my nighty slip some shoes on and venture the cold to find the dog. He's across the street just howling. so i go back inside and grab a bowl and get some dog food. I head back out only to find that he is now next to my fence. i give him the dog food and he keeps barking at me untill i walked away. by now a nice nextdoor neighbor came out with some bread to throw for the dog. he eats it all and runs away. so i try to go back to sleep... this is hopeless. i sit up for a few minutes and realize he is still out there barking. geez how much dog food does this dog need. so this time i throw some pants on and throw on my robe once more. (my nighty is still on) so i get down the street with some more dog food and some water in my hand. i give him the dog food. he lets me get close. i give him the water and he rubs up against my leg. the neighbor gives me a leash and i start to call the county animal services to get the dog back to his home. and try to get back to my house. we get there and Buddy is just freaking out inside of the house. i go to the back porch with the dog in order to grab a blanket and a dog bone. and then back to the street. he can sit and stay and lay down and all and all a good dog. The lady with the bread comes back out and we talk for a while she holds the dog so that i can get inside to get a coat on and you know a shirt. We talk a little while longer and the county comes. i'm glad he's warm now. hopefully not too frightened.


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