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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

So i was really grumpy than bobbi said i should go to dinner with here and not 2 seconds before i was about to leave i go to call MrNa and say that i was leaving. he says 'meet me at the corner i have a stray here... and hurry i'm blocking traffic.' This really upsets me even worse because he could've picked the dog up and threw him in his pick up, like what i did when i got there. anyway Mr NA takes a leash and starts walking around the neighbors house, all along just asking me question. now after a day like today i really didn't want to talk to, look at, or see anymore pets. i'm really angry that my job has become so boring and predictable (and so has the rest of my life, marriage, sex etc.).... ANYWAYS i get in the car and meet bobbi at the restraunt we sit and talk, and then get some icecream. it wa SOOO nice to do something out of the normal every day routine. Now if only the rest of the evening could go like that.
I have to work all day tomorrow and i'm sure by the time i get home i will either be craving attention, or not wanting any at all (hopefully for Mr NA it's the 2nd of the 2). I hate working all day. almost as much as i hate working a split shift.

I think i need to find something else to fill my time away from home. This idea of just sitting at home having the same day to day routine is driving me nuts.


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