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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Making Bread
today i have decided to find out my people think making bread is so hard. It has actually been pretty easy so far. but i'm only half way through. later i will make some easy Naan Bread (nummy) because i went to Curry in a Hurry yesterday and realized that i really just wanted Naan and not really Curry.
Today was the first time in 2 weeks that i bought gas. Last time only got $20 and this time i only got $15 :) i have been driving less and started to have ryan drive more.

I'm ready this book of short stories by Ray Bradbury called 'the cats pajamas' they are very short but very entertaining. i would give a review and some plot, but than it would be just like reading them yourself and just as fast. It's very mind thinking entertainment. and good toilet reading.

Yesterday i also picked up some new comic that i haven't heard of before it's called 'fabels' i haven't started reading it yet but i was thinking about sitting on the porch and doing some reading while the dough rises :)


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