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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

i'm really grumpy
i've been like that all day. Mr Na got home and how things went with him out of town and his sleepyness it hasn't made any of today better.

Back to reality
Salt lake is bringing the Animals from LA, because of the situation, and this is such a BAD idea. Worm, heartworm, fleas and tick etc. really doesn't sound like a good idea. hopefully this doesn't servive in our envirnment, but i'm sure it will and in mass quantities until all the pets have it and you need to spend $90 per month to keep up with it. I really hope they do not bring these pets here. i would say out of the 200 pets coming here 20-30 dog/cats will have heartworm, 30-40 will have flease and ticks, and i'm sure a good chunk will have worms. and next year we will have to keep testing for heartworm. (which every summer costs about $25 at my work $100 at others) This sounds like such a bad idea.


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