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Saturday, August 27, 2005

A Very Dagny Day
Work today was tiring but wonderful. my great friend dagny was there. Dagny days are always better. it's like bobbi days only much more bouncy (imagine that who is more bouncy than bobbi?) So they day seemed to go pretty fast and everyone was pretty happy. i did have my fair share of cleaning up poop and blood tho which is not so nice.

In other news i think ryan has made some plans for the evening so maybe i will just stay at home and take it easy. I am a very clingy (? spelling) person - but lately i'm just wanted snuggles (and sex) and that is all. I don't really like those friends of his anyway.... so maybe i'll just have a relaxing night at home :)
I have next months schedule all in order and i have 40 hours every week so hopefully i will have enough money to live off of. (money has been a little on the low side lately) I really want to go and get a coffee, but i will resist the idea it's just to expensive.
i must get in the shower now. i really smelly (hehe)


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