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Thursday, May 19, 2005

So yesterday i was talking with some folks at work about petafiles . How old does the younger one have to be to be considered tooo young? or does it just depend on the age difference between older one and the younger one. i understand that 20 and 16 really aren't that far way but what about 30 and 16? And at what age do you stop calling "robbing the cradle " and start calling it petafilies? 30 and 12, 10, 7 etc? and where is the perverse person that think that young is ok?
i think it all about power. People like to think that they are needed a 14 year old can't really take care of themselves. But if it was a man that young i think the cut off is what 15...16? Females grow up a lot more between 14-18 i sure did. Where as men they are who they are at 14 until they are like 30 (if they stay single)
In other news i'm up and ready to start the day. except for the fact that this day will consist of dr. honeydew all day (the relief dr for FH)


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