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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Dr Honeydew
So a client comes in with a serious problem (the dog doesn't have enough blood) dr. g.'s seen it before and thought it was under control. it wasn't. so dr honeydew says well lets just give it some Tums and albone (anti-diarrheic) and send it home. i say "that's not right" and that we should keep the dog. So we kept it and later that day he goes to lunch. i call the REAL Doctor, and say this just isn't right. he comes back to work says "we need to do a transfusion" calls the client and an "i'll be back later" and leaves. Now WTF! i shouldn't been saying that something is and isn’t right. i hate this fucking doctor, don't respect him, and i should have to tell him what and what not to do. Fucker! "Oh just give it some Tums" He says... some Tums is this guy serious. i mean maybe 50 years ago that would've worked, but now we have tests and meds that we can give the patient. What an IDIOT! I haven't been doing this for very long and really i shouldn't be making that kind of decision.


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