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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

today did not work out as well as planned.
for 1 (and i will start with this) i am on the rag :(
2- the bitch at work called in sick yet again so i had to work with one of the kennel guys all morning. he smelled bad
3- today is the first day that i worked full time and job #1 then had to go straight to job #2. usually i can sit and watch tv etc. stupid me i brought the dog to work, was late leaving work, had to run him home, grab something to eat and be to job #2 in 15 minutes. it was crazy
4- by the time i had gotten to job #2 i was disoriented. i hadn't worked there for 10 days and most of the time it makes me confused to switch from one job to the next.
5- i get home to Mr NA being a jerk (probably because he's sick)
6- i get in the shower and toward the end of it the water turns cold
7- i went to my dad's to watch a movie and didn't have enough time to see the end.

Today has been a hard day and i really just would like Mr. NA to snuggle. but you know him, this never really happens. so i'm off to bed.


Blogger lis said...

I live in Wyoming (a very small town) I love animals. I have 1 cat, 3 dogs, 5 horses, 1 cow, & 4 ducks and last year I was hired at the local vet. clinic. I didn't have any schooling or experience. They asked me if I wanted a job! I didn't go looking for a job. They came to me. After a year I was fired!! They couldn't give me a reason, or they wouldn't, I'm not sure witch one it is! I do know that another tech had something to do with it! I loved my job. I was just starting to catch on to everything. You should know how complex that job is!! My heart hurts everyday, I miss the job and the animals, but what is done is done! I can't believe that someone that gave me a job just turned around and got me fired!!!! What a bitch!!!

6:04 PM  

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