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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The cat - The Bird - The Dog
One of the cats brought/killed a bird and put it on the front porch. I really just can't touch birds (not even live ones) so i left it and maybe Mr Na would get it later. i let the dog out to go pee around bed time, i had to get on a robe just too take him out. He does his thing and then runs to come inside he grabs the bird and wont let it go. i just looked at it and started dry-heaving. I called Mr NA to come and get the bird but he just kept telling the dog to drop it. he doesn't of course but the treats seemed to work alright.
i guess he is a bird dog, but still it was already dead.
I got home with the dog from work and the bird is still there in the grass. i tried picking it up with the bag, but the dead texture was gross and i had to drop it.


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