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Saturday, May 07, 2005

the bubble wrap idea seemed to not work so well.
I think that MR NA has no real feelings for me. He'll snuggle with me once in a while (to make me happy) but as far as intamate touching or kissing, there is none. He says it's because he's thinks that home is a bad place. but how could he think that. i have done everything i can think of to make this a happy home. i guess i have failed. it's been a month w/o intamate kissing. I ask once a night from some making out. Mr NA always says he doesn't want to. WHY THE FUCK NOT? The ses is nice but not enough few and far between to get me off. I can try and not take any initiative but that never works it just makes me more depressed. one day i wish Mr NA would would start things in the bedroom department. i'm sure you all know what i mean... just once... and some time soon.... please.


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