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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

there's a song i've been listening to (kind of punk/emo mix)
it kind of talks about how when he was in a relationship and how with everyone one he pick up new thinking. with lines like "maybe you were supposed to help me learn to love you more" and "help me to notice how we're different" differences aren't supposed to be thought of as bad qualities just as people think differently and that makes every person unique. why someone always want to just talk to someone that's just like them. that's what casual friends are for, but do lovers really have to be the same? can they live in the same household and still talk? and what exactly do they talk about?
as far as the first line i pulled out of my hat... i love my husband and in all reality i'm willing to change my bad behavors into good behavors and if that's what conviently makes him happy that's what i'll do. so for the next little while i'm going to work on being jealous, and cleaning. 2 things that take time to break the habbit and take helpful little reminders EVERYWHERE.
the jealousy thing is that really i'm not secure in mine and ryan's relationship so i always think he is going to run off with someone else. get that. when you say it out loud it's pretty fucked up.


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