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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Pushing the reality envelop
some time in the wee hours of this morning i a have figures out a few things
1- Mr NA doesn't love himself
2- i don't trust Mr NA
3-There is no repect coming from either party
4-fucked up past
I finally asked Mr NA if he trusted himself with the ladies (simple question) i got an answer that was 'yeah, but at this moment probably not' i understand in my mind that ryan doesn't sleep around but in the alternate reality that is mostly my mind i have a hard to coming to see the light.
As for other things. Jaden and Crystal and Russ came over last night. i really do like little kids (maybe not for long periods of time) but i do like them. We had a good night, i snuggled on the couch with ryan and played with Jaden and watched the Itailan job (good movie, we own it)
Anyways i'm off to see if i can go back to sleep. i was up until 4am and didn't really sleep the night before.
i have to help Dianne move today (she's using Mr NA's truck) then probably to the video game store, then back to work for Sunday pick up.


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