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Friday, April 15, 2005

Is it normal to have a relationship where you don't feel needed? it's like going to work and your not needed at work so you get a new job. but i don't want a new husband i want him to need me.
alright my husband doesn't need me and would rather be alone. alone. i can't really grasp the aloneness but hey i'll try. i do give him time alone (what i think alone is and what he thinks alone is, are 2 totally different things) on an average day i'm with my husband 3 -4 hours. is that really asking a lot.? am i asking to much? is it a lot to ask for sex from time to time? now time to time is everyday but i never get it everyday - hell i don't get it every week - maybe if i'm lucky every month. i want love/passion/ intimacy... is this asking too much in a man? some days i wish i didn't have to deal with this. somedays i would rather be alone. i'm trying to understand i just can't and nor does my husband want me to understand.
Went to the therapist today she asked " what do i want out of life" my answer i want to be happy at work, in life, and in my marriage." it's not "i want to be happy with my friends" (like ryan would say) it's "why can't he like me more than his friends"
i'm really just trying to make things better - not worse. i'm bringing up issues that he needs to come to terms with, he doesn't - he does something else and pushes what he was supposed to be thinking about aside.


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