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Friday, April 22, 2005

Hung out made turkey
i felt so bad this morning because i woke up late and i'm sure woke ryan up in the prosess. Sometimes i wish i had more respect for my husband so that it what i will try and work on next. i seem to have the cleaning thing down, i'm working on the jealousy thing, so now i'm picking something new.... respect.
I think my husband (who i am now Changing his name to "Mr NA") has decided that i am a nosey bitch. now i can say i am nosey which is 100% honest. but i can also say a few other things 1- i get bored and ask him what he's chatting about 2 - once you talk to someone longer than you talk to me i start to ask what you are doing and WTF are you talking about. 3- that online is an alternate reality, you only really let people see the side of you that you want them to see. (I can't fully understand this at the moment, but i know it's there because people act different online then they ever will in the real world).
Mr. NA is a nice guy, but i have a hard time thinking that he even wants this to work. i made a marriage counseling apointment for April 29 at 3:00 i hope he wont change his mind on going. atleast if he goes he possibly thinks that this marriage thing can work out. i'm really just worried. it's hard to sleep now (i know me... hard to sleep... i could sleep all day if i wanted to). i honestly don't know what to do. open for suggestions here!


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