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Friday, April 01, 2005

April Fools:
Later in the day the Doctors daughter puts a plaster dog in a kennel and writes on it's cage card "hit by car - stiff" i see this start laughing and think this could be better, but how? so i grab a towel and wrap it up and lay the plaster dog on it's side. I get some blood that was previously drawn and put it on the newspaper lining the kennel and near the dogs mouth. all you can see under the towel is the dogs nose and what looks like blood coming from it. so an hour goes by and there is a nasty smell coming from where the kennels are. the doctor goes to change the mop hoping that's what the smell was, looks over and says "what is this?" Rips open the kennel you can tell his heart is racing and thinking of what to do. he throws off the towel to find our plaster friend fluffy.
we also have an old client that comes to the clinic and she will probably die sometime soon. so we pull out her chart like she was coming in, put it on the chart holder by the door and lets dr. g. know that there is a client in room 2. he goes over to the holder looks at it say "oh no". the paper reads "elisabeth would like to see you one more time before she dies". he opens the door to find fluffy again on a table. he then takes the chart to the back to show the other doctor. she starts saying things like "has she done this before" and "do we need to call an ambulance" Dr. G. then says "april fools". For the rest of the day when the crazy clients would call it was "are they really on the phone", or "i don't have to do that today to i?" it was funny at the time but abnoxious toward the end of the day.


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