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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Where do you decide when it's Love... and when you've just gotten used to something?
This question has crossed my mind many time since i've been married and i have no answer for it. may it's because one day you are fully engorged with the one you are with, and other times it's just you have nothing else to think about except your relationship. I wouldn't say i'm not happy because i really am but when is the line drawn? Where do you say that you are happy... and not that you are happy with your routine? Why is one day different then the next? do i just have a little more time on my hands today then i will yesterday? or maybe i've just been watching too many movies? who said that love has to be like it is in the movies? what is REAL good for you love? and why the fuck do i have some many questions on the subject... hell i should be happy my husband is wonderful! There are atleast 2 women i know of that would love to have my husband. For those that know me... you know who they are. i really hate that my husband gets the i like to flirt with you eyes. i get them with other men as well, but i just don't like that my husband gets them from his friends. Perhaps this is why i don't like him out with his friends very often.... now that is something to think of. I think i need to understand it's just flirting, but does flirting lead to more? I mean i've flirted Many times with one of ryan's friends but i would doubt i would ever want to have the sex with him, maybe date... but not sex. Maybe that's what ryan thinks of me. hmmm date but not sex... There, my friends, is the line.


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