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Thursday, March 17, 2005

when you start to look back on the last few years of blogging you think...
1. where the fuck has the time gone?
2. where are these people that i used to talk of all the time
3. what has happened to my life
4. when did i become sooo upset
5. who really cares what i write and when i write it. i'm the only one who looks back through the years.
i write because it's part of what i'm thinking. sometimes only because i'm upset... others because i'm happy.
when i worked for my dad i would post all the time. now it's slim to none... except when i'm bord (like tonight and i'm sure many nights to follow) or when my husband doesn't want the sex (that happens more now than it ever used to)
still i can't help thinking what it would be like not to have gone through those years and lived through the life that has lead me here.


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