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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

i'm 23. Married. i own my home. I have one job i like (the other job not so much). i like my boss. my style of living. how much money i have. i all in all would have to say that compared to what others have... i have a good life. I just have to question the world sometimes. And it seems as though the only time i blog is when i'm questioning what i have chosen. And what i have chosen should be good enough for me. i'm going to get up off of this fucking computer, turn off the fucking tv and start folding laudry... why laudry you may ask... it's because that's what i have to do to make it so i can do other things. i will be blogging more often... i'm going on a diet... a greatly needed diet... i will probably not have a much good things to say.. just too fat here... to fat there. I know it's coming so i though i would let you know. Maybe i'll starting saying aloud how much i weight... i'm sure no one wants to know that though. :)


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