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Monday, March 21, 2005

gross story for the day.
so a lab couldn't deliver a pup we zonk it out and there's a little puppy foot sticking out so Clytee (the girl doctor) starts pulling on it's foot. Before hand i must tell that when puppies are born they have a soft/thin spot when the umbilical cord was. well at this spot the body rips in half. blood and guts go spewing all over the surgery room. the pup gets sucked back into the uterus. so we do a c-section. the bitch has been in labor to 24 hours and should'ce come in yesterday. now the c-section yields possitive results, and the doctor gave birth to half a puppy. it was dead long before he came the client came in today and the uterus was all infected and gross. the dog went home 2 hours later. This guy is a puppy farmer. i'm suprised he brought her to the office in the first place.


Blogger mcs said...

Ughhhhh, gross!

11:15 PM  

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