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Saturday, September 11, 2004

So folks.. in vegas and i might add that it is kind of fun just to get away from the city. It is not fun, however, that carrie is still stripping and we wont see her most of the time that we are here. I had a job interview on thursday i hope that went well but you never can tell. So yet again i'm looking for another job. I still have my part time job which is nice and it makes me happy to go to work, which i'm sure most any vet clinic that i go to will make me happy.
i don't remember if i had written this down yet, but it's something major. My mom when crazy on my... not her normal crazy... but crazy crazy. She kind of told me that if i talked to my dad i can't talk to her. I brought her back to reality several times (because she lives this alter exsistance)... there is no coming back for her in my life anytime soon.


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