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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Most of the time i wish i'd never gotten married... married means: no more sex, no more up late talks, no more "dating"... and i'm sure we all know what that consistes of. There is one person that i would like to just be dating though... i don't understand how that works. I really just need to stop being at our parties... it would make me forget. AHHHH i don't know why i think these things... but i'm sure most married people do.

Anyways i quit job #2... which is alright. I'll miss the monies but i wont miss the bullshit.
making garlic bread. will finish later


Blogger Delal said...

Who do you want to be dating? Are there details that I need to pry out of you?
See ya sweetie,

9:45 PM  

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