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Monday, October 20, 2003

Back to the wide world of blogging. You would think that I would have more to say but I never do. Work is alright, home is okay and play time is always fun.

This weekend was actually fun. I spent most of the time working on a dresser (and if I knew how to up load pictures I would). It turned out pretty nice I think. I¡¦m Extremely tired today because I was awake most of the night just sitting there. Ryan and I are watching a new HBO series which makes me stay up at night thinking about it. (it¡¦s call Carnivale¡K it¡¦s great ƒº) I think I tell more people about this show than I should, but it¡¦s wonderful.

In other news; I become reminiscent. It happens sometimes¡K. Where I was last year¡K the wedding¡K the year before still courting¡K and years before that¡K going to school, wishing I had boy friends, getting a few, and meeting some of the folks that I though were the one, but weren¡¦t. I am now with my one. A friend of mine tried to explain the answer to soul mates, what I got out of the conversation was that soul mates are like the other side of the coin. Some years you find that mate others you may not, but ones every couple of life times you find that one and¡K well it think you are two of the same person. One holds different traits, (which makes everyone different) but theses are traits that fit your other half. Does this make sense?


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