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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

WOW I've Been away for along time. Blogger has changed on me. AHHH. So lets see what's new... of yah Kalecia moved in with me and ryan for a while. It should be better than Edger living there.
My mom and I are going to Wendover this weekend just for a few hours while ryan's going to Dark Arts.
I'm still fostering cats, making about 10 cats in our house at one time... AHHHH! But i'm getting attached to this little fluffy kitten. I hope someone gives her a good home if not we will have to take her back.
Otherwise... nothing else is really up. Other than it's hot and it's summer. I want to have a waterballon fight with ryan, that would be fun.
It's only 3 o'clock and i'm really bord. I look a lunch today, but ended up just sleeping in my car. I'm really sleepy lately. I WANT TO GO HOME!


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