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Friday, May 02, 2003

So i take my pee test on monday and then a week or 2 later i get hired full time :) Also i get paid more monies $11.00 an hour which is much better than that stupid nine shit.

Ryan and I are starting to foster cats, which made me kind of sad when i realized that we had to leave her in a cage all weekend. Hopefully she gets sold though. We are starting a board in our house to hold all the ca pictures, the date we had them and when they go adopted. If you would like to adopt a cat and will give it a good home you can come see the cat of the month and maybe you will like him or her.

My sister in law had her baby yesterday. He's a boy with no name yet. Hopefully i will go up to the hospital and see him today :) Anyways i should probably get back to work.


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