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Monday, March 10, 2003

My mom and I are in a very large fight. It all started when she was talking to my brother Bryon on MY cell phone and when i told bry to get off she got all mad at me. From there on it was just a bunch of "What have I done to deserve this treatment" and "I'm your mom I should have more respect that a friend" Personally I don't think that she i taking into consideration how I feel about this. For one thing I don't think that I need yelling at me everytime i get on the phone with her. I mean I don't think that i have yelled at her once in my life... let alone made her cry about a subject (btw my mom is very good about pushing buttons, she knows where they are and how to use them to the fullest advantage. SHE KNOWS HOW TO GET HER WAY... she always has) And for another thing I don't think that she even considers how much respect I have for my friends... excluding Ryan they are some of the people that desire the most respect in the world. Granted I only talk to them once a month, but they are the nicest people and dare I say some of the only people that I would share my feelings with.

So this is the story about why my mom and I are in fight


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