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Tuesday, July 30, 2002

so lets give a low down of what's going on...

ryan and i are for sure getting married on september 14th. I picked up the invitations and we are now going to try and figure out who to invite and where they go to (address wise). And on Aug 7th i have the fitting for my dress which will be nice. Mom and i have to go and pick up shoes before that.

Got approved for $130,00 which gives us a shitty house in a shitty neighborhood... pretty much. This whole thing in general is making me kind of on edge. We go with the realtor on saturday to look at some houses. Hopefully we can find one that we like.

debbie is coming home in about a week which makes some of this wedding shit a little bit easier.
i'm personally kind of depressed and have no idea why... maybe it's just because of stress... and lots of it.


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