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Wednesday, June 19, 2002

So this is what i'm thinking today....

Actually it's all about how i want to go home, and how work just got really boring. So i hopped on the internet and called it a perfectly good waist of time.

If you all are wondering ryan and i are doing well. Nothing really bothers me that he does, which is really good i think. i know that there are things that get on his nerves about me though, which i'm totally alright with. he and i have a REALLY good relationship and it seems like it's only gotten better since we moved in together. Bills are getting paid, money is kind of tight though because we are trying to save up for a house so it will be a little less going out and a little more money in the savings account.

Oh yah we are looking into getting a house. Aaron said that we could probably afford a $135,000 house because of tax and interested we will be paying a larger amount than we can afford if we go any higher. It's been kind of fun looking so far. There is always these houses that we keep saying... wow that's a nice house... or EWWWW stinky to. it's been a little adventure.

As far as the wedding goes. We are making plans to go and see the photo lady with my mom, and the flower people with ryans mom. That way everyone thinks that they are included... My mom has felt more and more like she is out of the picture though which makes me kind of sad. i don't mean to leave her out but there isn't much really to decide. The place we are getting married at is doing to all for us.


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