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Thursday, June 13, 2002

it's one of those days at work where everything seems to just be going by SOO slow. For one i didn't really get a good nights sleep, two i have a hurting sunburn from yesterday and three there nothing really to do. All and all making a rather slow day at work.

So YESTERDAY was all sorts of fun. I had realized that i'm getting old, because the rides actually made me dizzy. It's like i remember been 12 and running from ride to ride, but now it was a slow pace with lots of bathroom breaks, and just relaxing time. in the middle of it all we decided we needed out swimming suits to go to Lagoon A Beach. So we went home for a bit and picked them up. And now my body is mad at me... mad i tell you.

Anyways... other than that not much else is happening. It's nicki's birthday today and my brother Bryon's birthday tomorrow so that should be fun... oh yah father's day is on Sunday... that will be fun too.


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