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Wednesday, May 01, 2002

I live in the heart of Salt Lake City. If you walked west from the apartment about 2 blocks you would hit the temple, which is the center point of the city. I love it. in order to get home from work i must drive down state street, which by the way has a no cruising zonefrom 11 pm to 4am (who the hell still does that shit, i guess if i were 16 it would be a bummer) During the day there are business people with there short hair and suits and taco stands, but at night is were the wierdo's are.
We can walk to memory grove, and across the street from Brigham Young's grave (if you don't know who this is it's one of the Mormon prophets, which we stole flowers from to make paper the first time)
There is Nicki and Mike which will upstairs, which make me happy. Nicki used to be Ryan's ex girlfriend which at first was strange to met her, but now she is one of my better friends.
I wouldn't mind living here for a while.
The apartment it's self is a great apartment. WE are on the 2nd floor up from the ground level, with all hardwood floors. The bathroom is small but other than that it's great.
Why did i deside to go of about this today? hmmm i wonder... i have to idea

But now i must clean the apartment really quick before ryan gets home (why BEFORE ryan gets home you ask... because than we can do other things other than cleaning the house... if you know what i mean)


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