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Monday, April 29, 2002

have you ever noticed that people talk about the same things in the "blogging" system. Adn i know that i fall into the same style. Well today i think i should talk about something else..
Why have i tried to be friends with some people who honestly could give a damn? i mean honestly.. i've treid i can't say that i haven't. This trying is countless emails, letters, phones calls.You can't expect a relationship to only be on one end, for sometime you just need to give up and except your losses. So i have 2 less friends, and one ex-boyfriend.. which as of right now i classify him as one of my favorite friends when i actually get to talk to him... hmmm. i guess it's just time to give up and wait for a phone call on the other person's end, and if they don't know the number there is always email ( i know that lately i have been kind of spacy, but if others got what i was doing they would understand. i find myself daily think "why do i keep going with these people?" And than i call them or write a breif email with no replies. I guess that's just what happens to people over time.


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