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Sunday, April 21, 2002

alright boys and girls we had our open house and it went over well. We got 2 house plants, a dish strainer (for we have to dishwasher), and a total of $120 gift certificates to Target (which we bought a microwave, silverwear, a silverwear holder, plastic hangers, garbage can, slip proof stuff for the floor/furniture, and a hanger for the door in the bathroom)
After we went to the Sex toys shop and purchased some items... i know to much information haha.
Than it was to Edger's birthday bar-b-q and for a moment i thought that it was no longer winter. It was cooled but still felt like the on-set of Spring :)
Today my mom had dinner at her house, roast and mashed potatos yum yum.
than it was off on the adventure to find a litter maid (which clean up the cat shit, it has a sensor that says when the cat is there and when it has left, all in all a cool devise for a cat that wont clean up her shit). Which lead us to have THE WORST experiance at Walmart, involving an employee that assumed he has it and when he realized that Walmart no longer carried them in stock... we got mad and left. This leaving me to no longer EVER wanting to go to Walmart... EVER I TELL YOU.
Than it was to Mindie's (my sister's) birthday party. Where she, like everyone else, gets older and more wiser... she just turned 24 might i add.
Now I am home again where the cable modem is going in and out... if this doesn't work i will kill (teehee)


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