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Wednesday, March 13, 2002

So i wrote this blog yesterday that i deleted for all those that want know what happened. I for some reason have found that some one has been reading my page from work so i have stopped saying things that are incriminating.

I ran into Chris today on campus. A person that i've wanted to talk to for quite some time now. He was sad by the fact that i was engaged, for some reason i could feel his heart sink... i wonder why that is? I mean that i have no realy sexual feelings toward him, but i do feel like he will be a life long friend.... i hope. I guess i just wanted to see how he was. It's funny how when you are avoided by one person for so long and you run into them how good it feels to have them back in your life... at least for a little while.

I'm back to this stage of questioning... well everything in most relationships
-why is it that when i get stressed no one really cares about it?
-why does this ring on my fingure automatically has me making mass decisions?
-i don't want to do school anymore, is that bad?
-or am i just burned out?
-do people REALLY know what you are going through when they say 'i understand'?
-Do i really know what i'm doing, or am i just going through the motions?

If anyone knows the answers to these question let me know (


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