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Thursday, March 21, 2002

My favorite style of College rock is the topic for today. Most people will say that college rock can only classify one area... well they are wrong. My personal favorite is those that have there accoustic guitars, mellow drum beats, MALE SINGER'S, always seem to be singing about how they either are in love with this girl, or that they just broke up and there heart is torn apart by it. The sad thing is that i have come to realize that this music is generic... generic indie rock... does that exist?

Ryan and i bought TETRIS WORLDS for PS2. There is no other tetris game that has fucked with my head that much. I mean the NEW TETRIS was pretty bad, but geeze this one has kicked my ass and kicked it hard. I can't figure out some of the levels and why exactly you win with them. It's crazy i tell you crazy. For all those tetris freaks out there... YOU MUST BUY IT *subliminal message* [companies should really pay me for this stuff]


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