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Sunday, March 17, 2002


My sister had her baby this afternoon. (on he own birthday no less) It's a boy named Jonas he's 7lbs 10 oz. and cute cute cute. it makes me think that i want a baby even more... only to know the fact that this will never happen anytime soon, because we don't want to be one of thoes people that can't even afford themselves let alone a baby.

I a woke this morning to about a foot of snow. and my mom saying it was baby time and to get my ass to the hospital. So i went to my car and to no avail there my car was... snowed in. So ryan and i started cleaning off my car and realizing that we are FUCKED. When all of a sudden there was this homeless man with a shovel.. he started helping us get out, pushed the car and we got onto the street. If i see the guy again i will buy him a coffee or something.

in other news i made a GREEN snow man, while watching the kids. Because of this abundance of snow it only seemed suiting. NO there was no green BEER envolved prior to ryan waking up asking 'why do [i] needed green food coloring... for BEER' WE used squirt bottles to make it actually green it was REALLY run and wet.


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