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Sunday, March 31, 2002

So another easter comes and goes and not only did we visit about 4 different places, but i have had one of the best easters yet. To start with we slept in... and late, about 11:00. Than it was up to my dad's were we stayed for about 10 minutes and galavated up to my mothers. I had the first hard boiled egg fight i have ever had... eggs and Jello eggs. The jello eggs came first, thrown by my mom, which lead to ryan throwing them back... and thus is where it all started. Next came the hard boiled eggs, (right about when i got envolved) which lead to about a dozen eggs all over mom's backyard and banconly. After this is was a plastic easter egg extravaganza. Where ryan and i hid exactly 126 eggs for 4 childern four and under. The sad thing is that the kids found all 126 of them (this means no last minute trying to find easter eggs in the back yard before the dogs get to them, which is always a plus)
Than it was to Ryan's mom's house where there was much a chit-chat. No REAL conversation as i know it... just chit-chat. And than at about 7:30 we ran to my grandma's and gabbed about the latest gossip... and came home. Home is where the sex is (and let me tell you i liked it *smirks*)... so that's always good.
And now i will leave you all to recap your days events... thank you Salt Lake and good night.


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