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Friday, March 15, 2002

At least there's one good thing about today, i'm wearing one of my favorite shirts. It's neon green with white stripes, colared with a tid-bit of clevedge showing (if you really wanted a detailed description)

Song: Slave Band: David Garza Album: this euphoria
from now until you reach the grave, baby i will be your slave.
ask for your hand to hold, no i could never be so bold
Baby i will be your slave

guys david garza kicks ass. This was his first album which came out in '98 but is more know for the recent album called Over Dub, with Say Baby and Too Much
Now i, like most people, bought Over dub and loved it (the sad thing here is that most people that i let here it likes it too because it's different, which is always a plus). When, as a present, i got This Euphoria with not even knowing that he had an album before the most recent one. Over dub came out in i think August of 2001, one of my favorites from 2001 by the way.

Why you ask, Why did i just go off about our friend David Garza? Well i will answer that, because talking about music calms me down... so music it is.


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